Lauren Knight is an idealistic junior diplomat on temporary assignment to Slayton Station. But when a violent coup overthrows the station government, Lauren is the highest ranking officer left alive, and must navigate intergalactic politics to keep peace on a station on the brink of war.

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  • Starborn Lore Archive

    The purpose of this archive is to give a deeper understanding of the world and history of Starborn. Every couple of weeks we will be posting a new article which will explore a different part of the worldbuilding. This also will be where reader questions about the why and how of Slayton can be explored and answered by us.

  • S1E1C3

    Sergei woke to the smell of smoke. It took him a second to regain his bearings. The rattling he’d grown used to during the shuttle ride from Terra was conspicuously missing, and the air smelled like machine oil instead of ozone.

  • S1E1C2

    The Pacifica hurtled through space towards Slayton. Stars drifted lazily across the display, and Lauren checked the time. They were only three hours out from docking, and she still hadn’t received any kind of turnover from the previous Diplomat.

  • S1E1C1

    Duty Turnover Report, Slayton Station

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