From: Denis Wise, Ambassador to the Akkharash Frontier

To: Lauren Knight, Special Envoy to Slayton Station

Subject: Duty Turnover Report

Diplomat Knight,

I regret that I could not stay to brief you in person. Matters called for my immediate return to Gagarin Station. Please find below a summary of the status of the key actors on Slayton.

You will not be required to handle negotiations with the H’reel. This is a temporary position to manage relations with separatist groups while I am off station.

Contact the station government with any further questions or concerns.

Local Factions:

  • Slayton Mining Corporation (SMC):
    • Allegiance: Terran Consortium
    • Point of Contact: Elizabeth Wright
    • Primarily deals in shipping. Employs most Terran citizens on Slayton
  • Slayton Government:
    • Allegiance: Terran Consortium
    • Point of Contact: Jeremy Atherton, Governor of Slayton
    • Employs the rest of the Terran workforce.
  • Slaytonskaya Bratva:
    • Allegiance: Troika Syndicate, Second Branch
    • Point of Contact: “Armstrong”
    • Business ventures include shipping and the Stardust Gentleman’s Club
  • Sh’ekksa H’reel:
    • Allegiance: Sovereign, allied to the Terran Consortium
    • Point of Contact: Chieftess Sh’ekksa
    • Assist the SMC in coordinating trade with the H’reel


Denis Wise